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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

make a real 3d profile for free here!

go to site :-i-e  no depression ,open up your page and go to settings or customise(this  works on google blogger too) find the advanced tab on google ,you will then see a list ofwindow designs with colour coding for each segment of the page .HERE are some successful real 3d combinations i have used checkout my  'no  depression' page
                               you can make up your own combinations but generally it's better to make the text the exact opposite colour from the background ,keep it simple and  you  will get a better effect.

       TEXT                                              BACKGROUND
      White                                                           Black
       red                                                                black
      dark blue                                                     black
              black                                                            red
                   black                                                           orange
                        black                                                               white

there are six  combinations  you can experiment with different colours it works here.
take a look at my page to give you an idea of how good it can look ,and its totally unique!
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