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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dummy script

Here is a piece I am writing 
All rights reserved.     Note it is void of timing, bass clefs and bpm it could be 4/8 in allegro?

What am I doing

I am currently studying musical notation as composition.Having learned sight and performance at a very early age,it was stripped from my being in primary school because I learnt a lot of harmonica  performances by heart,and played live in front of class,so I never actually needed notes to read from,also there weren't any harmonica; opposed to recorder instrument, scripts around at that time.
I got along without it.Even through 30 years of songwriting,now I feel it is necessary to broaden my horizon's,while I still can,as we get older the more our mind is disciplined away from doing such tasks!
I shall post a transcript as soon as I can!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The music Rip off hierachy!(is it me or my name-nope)

Whatever the colour,gender,nationality,I feel that the majority of musicians are being hierachly ripped off by the huge incubii,succubii ,of net companies,to the extent of brother can you lend me a dime to mix my album society has now come into the fore.They know it will (independantly) cost you to buy a legitimate broadcast licence for each song you write and publish.And as soon as they close down,buy out, or get bought out by another large monopoliser,and they always do, they also know that with their mass licencing powers,they have the majority of the musicians, of all breeds, over the, so called, barrel.                               This is my experience,probably not new to your eyes,You join a large successful
mp3 playing/advertising company that also incorporates large video  playback companies that seem to generate a lot of fans by socially inter-acting with any person who likes you,as you have expressed a liking(that means ticking a box)for their style of music,and have been granted the even more like-ability choice of sharing their work on 3 major social networks(by the way because you like them you don't qualify to get  paid for this action)But that doesn't bother me .You get offered immediately upon joining,the extra(professional)big ads bonus,and you
will be their professionality,not another companies,until you stop paying them for the service(by the way,i've never ticked that box)So you stay there merrily
picking up fans of your sound,that increase with the reality of gigging,sometimes with the added reality of merchandise manufacture.
And on you go building your fanbase by adding live videos ,selfies,band design etc.After a couple of years you realise that some of the bands could possibly be fake,with a photo front,and company generated(these have thousands of fans)but only a few geniune comments.So you leave it for a couple of weeks,to see if this is happening anywhere else.Suddenly you start getting spam or really darkweb
email from the company and genres fanning you that seem to be totally outside your genre range ,not threatening,but imposing on your image,this'll work the other way round no doubt on seemingly opposing genres(I try to respect all genres)so you go back,and mr spam has been taken out by the company(fake cheers)
but you still have to answer your fan letters,and check your stats and update your players etc.
Now,you usually find 2 or 3 IMPORTANT letters:
1.Warning you of spam and that it has been dealt with easily(louder fake cheers)

2.Offering you free professional services for 2 weeks to increase your fanbase.

3.Due to inflation etc,net costs whatever,we shall be closing down merchandise,
mp3 sales etc,and completely changing our policies,refurbishing our design to etc
because we know you've sussed us out so there......add what you will and the list goes on!        

Friday, April 24, 2015

The blog of all blogs

This is the blog of all blogs
surprisingly written by human hand.
It has no subject of which to speak of
and is spammingly unplanned.
Who knows what subject it shall speak of,
or even if it's just scrawled in the sand.
Does it increase your boredom!
Will it encourage you to stand,
make a strand of string as long as a story
and colour each section with flowers,
maybe it can keep you for one minute in time,
where you'd like to drop it from a tower,
Anyway,before I explode in your mind,
yours will be greater than mine,I think and
you'll find a big old rhyme,just before we
lay our heads on our sleepy bed.When a
forgotten dream could slip in after the suppers
bread.and the children have read.
If I start to yawn and there's a lack of frog spawn,
down below in the meadow ,woman or fellow,
to steal a kiss would'n't go amiss,as I start to below
with my stupendous lungs I woud'st blow a sail or
two ,and flick a little yacht away with my thumb
This is a blog of a blog and there's still much to be done.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What is

The April 4th eclipse ,Weakness to the right ,strength to the left ,yet  man cannot live without the breath of life,replenished blood,life force.The golden ram is equidistant from the altar,Its Eye being set between the horns,The red wine is poured on fire in a small triangle,inverting the sea,frightening the air,Born from deaths flame, water shall be cruel enough to make its absence shine on the bare fish-tails,the scorpion still buried in antiquity until the 7th pollution,which shall be conquered immediately by the earth,serene, joyous, blue .